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Why do I need a coaching?

Do you feel stressed? Are you unclear on how to achieve your professional goals? Do you have a hard time settling into your new role? These are all areas in which we already help other people:

Mental Health

  • stress
  • stress symptoms
  • anxiety and sleep disorders
  • depressive moods
  • burnout
  • exhaustion
  • accompanying illness
  • death and grief

Working environment

  • conflicts
  • working conditions
  • dealing with changes
  • stress and overload
  • career perspectives
  • dealing with executives & colleagues


  • preparation for discussions
  • team conflicts & difficult leadership situations
  • psychologically burdened employees

Family & Partnership

  • separation / divorce
  • social environment
  • educational issues
  • burdens as caring relatives
  • preparation for retirement / partial retirement
  • preparation for parental leave


  • social competence
  • emotional stability
  • time & self management
  • confident appearance

Addiction & Vunerability

  • addictive drug consumption
  • alcohol & gambling addiction
  • support for relatives of addicts
  • help in finding a clinic

Generation Issues

  • clarification of roles
  • conflicts between generations
  • processes of detachment
  • changed requirements

Our promise

Your employer takes over the costs – and you find your way to your personal solution with KIRINUS Coaching.


What is discussed in our coachings is strictly private and will never be passed on to your employers.


Our coachings are tailored to your personal development needs.


All our coaches bring years of experience and follow an open-minded approach.

Our service


Our coachings fit your schedule – whether it is via video or text chat, on the phone or in our München offices.


Our coachings take place from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm.


Our coaches speak German, English and French. Coachings in other languages can also be arranged – just get in touch!

How to get started

1. Register

Simply fill out the contact form below. You will need your access code, which your employer can provide you.

2. Schedule an appointment

We will send you an email to set a time and date for your first session. Coachings are generally available from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm.

3. Start your coaching

In your first session, you meet your personal coach and discuss your individual needs. Generally, you will have between three and five appointments, each of them 50 minutes long.

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Data privacy statement: All gathered data is sent to us encrypted and only used for internal purposes. None of it will be shared with a third party. Our aim is to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. To understand your personal situation, we will ask for additional information. By completing and submitting this form, you agree to share this information with us. You can, at any time, withdraw your agreement without having to state a reason. For more information click here.